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Former Crumbs trainee, Chris Cribbett has made his TV debut on BBC 3’s new hit series, I’m Different: Let Me Drive.

Chris was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as a teenager and fears the unknown and unpredictable. Finding everyday tasks a challenge, Chris joined us back in 2009 to help improve his confidence, skill set and employment prospects.

In 2016 we raised enough money to fund Chris’ driving lessons and we put him forward for the show. Ursula Boardman, Training & Development Manager at The Crumbs Project, comments:

“We welcomed Chris as a trainee back in 2009. He was talented and enthusiastic but felt his inability to drive really hindered his progression and ability to secure a job. In 2016 we raised enough money to fund Chris’ driving lessons and help achieve his dream of independence as well as help increase his job prospects. Shortly after we secured funding for driving lessons we were approached by a production company looking to make a documentary about learner drivers with disabilities. We spoke with Chris and the rest is history!”

Chris now works in a local café in Bournemouth. He regularly volunteers back with us, contributing to the catering services and supporting the trainees.

We received this lovely message from Chris, following his appearance on the show.

“Hey guys,

Last Friday I was on TV on a show called I’m different, Let me drive on BBC 3 I player. It show what effort I put into learning how to drive and how I got this far into full independents how I have my own car.

What can I say? Well, what I can say is thanks to Doug my driving instructor for helping get this far and could not have made it. Thanks to crumbs for their huge support throughout including Ursula, Teddy Boardman, Leanne Miller and many more from the team. Thanks to my brother George and my sister Michelle Morrice for their support and my love of my life who was on the show as well Michelle Tindall being there on the journey.

Once again, I cannot thank you all for giving me your support and believe that I can do these things that seems hard for me BUT now I can.

Thank you all😉

Chris Cribbet


About BBC 3’s ‘I’m Different: Let Me Drive’

The new documentary follows some of Britain’s young learner drivers who face more than the usual challenges in passing their test. Over a series of four episodes, watch eight extraordinary individuals with either physical and / or mental disabilities in a hard-won battle for independence.

Chris appears on episode 2/4 which aired on the 3rd March 2017 and is available on iPlayer for next 5 months.

The series aired it first or four episodes on the 24th February 2017. All four episodes are currently available on BBC iPlayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04shg71/episodes/player

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