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Domestic Angels supports Crumbs intern Kelly to become an Angel

We met Domestic Angels at a Job Fair held at Bournemouth Job Centre in April this year. Two of our interns (one being Kelly) approached Marie of Domestic Angels asking what jobs they had available.

Marie was fantastic with them both, chatted to them easily and explained what type of work Domestic Angels carries out. This interested Kelly greatly. Marie called me over, telling me that she had heard of The Crumbs Project. We discussed Kelly’s options, Marie gave Kelly an application form and information about Domestic Angels.

Kelly approached me a few days later, saying that she was still very interested in possibly working for Domestic Angels. A meeting was set up by a mutual associate Simon Scarborough (who is supporting Crumbs trainees with employment opportunities) with Domestic Angels and Crumbs Training and Development Manager Ursula Boardman to discuss a work trial for Kelly.

“Kelly was ecstatic when we told her that she had been accepted to do a work trial. Marie has been wonderful with Kelly, showing compassion and patience, spending time with Kelly and building Kelly’s confidence. Which has led to an offer of paid employment to Kelly by Domestic Angels. Thank you Domestic Angels on behalf of The Crumbs Project”. – Ursula Boardman

Domestic Angels have given Kelly a wonderful opportunity, which has not only boosted Kelly’s confidence but has made her feel accepted and capable.

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