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training-5Leaving a legacy to Crumbs in your will is an amazing way for your generosity to last beyond your own lifetime.

If you haven’t already done so, putting a charity in your Will is very straightforward and need not cost a lot of money. It is a simple gesture that can make a difference so great it will last a lifetime. You may not realise it, but even a small percentage share of what you have left once family and friends have been provided for could make all the difference to people’s lives years from now.

To help people improve their life chances and lead more independent lives contact your legal adviser about making or revising your Will. Find out more about how your gift can make a difference.

Contact Leanne or Ursula, our donations team on 01202 519320 or email donations@crumbs.org.uk

One of our former trainees writes…

“Before I came to Crumbs I had all but given up any hope of being accepted by society or being treated like everyone else, I had an all too familiar experience of someone who has learning difficulties, being patronised and treated in a way which made me feel as if no one understood or cared about me. During my younger years I was made to go into a special school, I wanted so much to do well and be accepted, but it has always felt like I had been given up on.

“Then as I reached my twenties I was enrolled into the Crumbs Project where all of a sudden people cared about my opinions, took their time to teach me and help me better myself, this gave me a completely new perspective on life and I now work as a volunteer and I am still learning to reach my full potential.”

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