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Making a donation to Crumbs online couldn’t be easier – just click on the link here and you will be directed to our donation form through theBigGive.org.uk. Making a donation this way will ensure that we receive Gift Aid – for example this means that for every £10 donation you make we receive £12.50. This is because we can claim back from the Inland Revenue the basic tax you have already paid on income or savings and it won’t cost you a penny more.

What’s more, if you are a higher-rate tax payer you too can benefit since you can reclaim the extra tax when you fill in your next tax return. This means that for every £100 you donate we benefit (thanks to the Gift Aid Scheme) by £125 yet it only costs you £75. This is because you can reclaim the extra tax of 20p in the £ on the ‘gross’ value of the donation (i.e. what Crumbs receives).

Did you know that people who give are statistically less sad and depressed?

about-6A number of studies have researched exactly why giving to charity leads to happiness.

The conclusion is that giving affects our brain chemistry and results in a feeling of euphoria. Giving to charity also lowers the stress hormones.

The University of Michigan’s Panel Study of Income Dynamics revealed that people who gave money to charity were 34% less likely than non-givers to say that they had felt “so sad that nothing could cheer them up.” They were also 68% less likely to have felt “hopeless” and 24% less likely to have said that “everything was an effort.”

Moreover, the happiness difference between givers and non-givers is not due to differences in their personal characteristics, income or religion.

So go ahead and make a resolution to be more cheerful and make a donation today!

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